Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Health, Well-Being and Enjoyment of Life

In these times of greater transition, many seek answers to life's deeper questions. Many are drawn to wondering, just what might be done about the issues that seem daunting. What might we do about: Climate Change, over-population, pollution and ongoing wars?
Conflict exists between nations, neighbors and family members, in large part due to the conflict within individuals themselves. And being so inter-connected, and sharing one planet; everything anyone does, affects all others to some degree. So my question becomes, what can I do, for my own well-being, that may also benefit the good-of-all?
In a world where not all have their daily needs met, what makes for health and well-being and enjoyment of life? In the physical realm there is what I eat, what activities I do, the lifestyle I choose, and the care I take. The emotional is healthy according to the company I keep, the thoughts I entertain, or the environments in which I reside. The mental and psychological require balance and this can be maintained through just taking time out to relax and be. Attitude is a key, as is being aware of just what thoughts I allow to occupy my mind. For those interested in wholeness, Spirit is also a part.
All of these areas go to support me in maintaining health, and giving support to the natural healing properties that the human body has inbuilt. One of the problems I see in the modern world is where people are so busy and occupied with matters outside of their own well-being, that they forget to relax and to allow this natural homeostasis. We forget just how important it is to well-being to just be.
There are many simple ways to assist one's health and enjoyment of life by just making time to relax. Relaxing is induced through choosing to smile, learning to accept life as it is, allowing change and embracing change, as well as remembering what we did as a child and to play. As children found a myriad of things to delight us, and usually through play. As adults we often get lost in the fears, worries and mind-stuff.
Surely, part of our wealth of inheritance is what we experience when we are healthy, rather than in straining to survive the world at all. We live in abundant as well as challenging times, and it is perhaps critical that we begin to focus on the gifts that we have, rather than on the never-ending stuff that distracts us from our enjoyment of what is. Perhaps this is a good time to identify what is really important in our life and to choose enjoyment rather than stress. To give more attention to - that which creates joy.

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